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Had a great photoshoot Tuesday night with Bobby Mackey for the Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation (, which will be used for a billboard PSA soon! Bobby also lent his voice to the radio ad that's going along with the PSA. The photos look really great and it was so nice to meet Bobby and his agent, RJ--really sweet guys. Super fun to sit in for the voice-over work for the radio ad, as well. Many thanks to John Casablancas Modeling Agency for allowing Plum St. (and thus, me) to utilize their studio space!

RJ was even secretly sniping me! ;) Seeing these pop up on Facebook was really awesome:
The shadows flanking me are Chenney Chen, businesswoman extraordinaire of Plum St. Productions (and a few other side businesses--that girl is a powerhouse!) and Mike Potter, a fantastic director and all-around great person to work with on anything creative.

Keep an eye out for the ad in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area soon!

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